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The PDA Experience

A chance to hear from Harry Thompson (and friends) at the launch of his memoir, ‘The PDA Paradox'!

About this Event

By courtesy of Essendon village Hall, we are hosting a new event: The PDA Experience.

Join Harry Thompson as his book, ‘The PDA Paradox - The Highs and Lows of My Life on a Little-Known Part of the Autism Spectrum’, is published for a morning with him and fellow ‘experts by experience’, Danielle Jata-Hall, Steph Curtis and Isaac Russell, for talks and conversations on the topic of Pathological Demand Avoidance - a behaviour profile within the autism spectrum. Never an easy topic, but expect an enlightening and honest account of life with Pathological Demand Avoidance.

The day will be kicked off by fellow PDA parent bloggers (BritMums 2018 award finalists), Steph Curtis and Danielle Jata-Hall, who will be supporting and sharing their experiences in raising PDA children.

The very eloquent author and speaker (and adult living with PDA), Harry Thompson, will then deliver a talk in which he will offer unique, descriptive insights into PDA from a first person perspective. This will be followed by a Q & A session where you will have the opportunity to ask Harry whatever you want.

And finally, Isaac Russell (also an adult living with PDA) will share his honest and profound insights into PDA and how this puzzling condition affects him.

There will be opportunities to network after the event and purchase a copy of Harry’s new book, The PDA Paradox - The Highs and Lows of My Life on a Little-Known Part of the Autism Spectrum.

Doors open at 10.15 for a 10.30 start. The programme will finish at around12.30, with refreshments and an opportunity to meet and chat with the speakers afterwards.

We do hope you are able to make this wonderful opportunity to engage with some of the people who are most able to explain how life works - and doesn’t - with Pathological Demand Avoidance.