In his analysis, Harry imparts detailed descriptions of the “internal experience” from an insider’s perspective. He sees beyond the behavior & outward manifestations of the differently wired, and provides recommendations in real time that steady & support children and their families. His keen ability to quickly grasp what’s at the root of a complex web of issues, and what they can do about it NOW is why people find Harry so helpful.

Harry offers the following services & works and consults with children of all ages, parents, and professionals:

One-to-One Video Appointments

He can assist through video conferencing. This allows his clients to work with him through the comfort of their own home or office and makes support an easier option with no travel and the utmost convenience.

Home Visits

He can travel to your home for a per hour or per diem rate plus travel.

Professional Visits & Meetings

Clients may find it helpful for his attendance at school, doctor, mental health professional visits & meetings.

Lectures & Training

Enquire for a complete list of topics.


‘Harry was amazing; described my daughter perfectly’
-Mel P.

‘Harry was absolutely brilliant & really insightful. Thank you for a really valuable evening’
- Rachel R.

‘Harry’s presentation was very informative, articulate and thought-provoking. Thank you.’
- Emma T.

‘Thank you so much Harry for speaking PDA in your own experience so well. It really is very helpful.’
- Anne-Marie H.

‘Amazing!!! Thank you for the answer I’ve waited for a long time’
- Lyn N.

‘Harry made me cry and he really hit home to how my son must be feeling. This has been amazing. Thank you.’
- Katy N.

‘I learnt a lot from Harry’s experience. Very interesting to get things from his view!’
- Samantha M.

‘Fantastic to hear from Harry and his lived experiences, thank you!’
-’Lesley G.

‘Harry was amusing. So lovely to hear his views and thoughts. Thank you for answering all our questions.’
-Nicola H.


Harry Thompson is a PDA expert by experience. He derives his knowledge and expertise about PDA from many sources: His personal knowledge is derived from his internal sources of intuition, interoception, and introspection. He augments and further validates this personal knowledge with reference to his extensive reading of published academic and practitioner research in the areas of neuroscience and neuropsychology, and beyond.